An iconic brand resurrected & Refined


More Than a Reissue

Ted Kornblum, CEO/President, has a deep family history and connection to Magnatone.  He spent years acquiring vintage examples of Magnatone models.  He studied and dissected these artifacts before eventually acquiring the brand.  Before launching a mere replica of the amps Magnatone was known for in the early days of guitar amplification, Ted enlisted the guidance and ears of highly regarded artists and guitar techs, Billy F. Gibbons among the early panel of esteemed sonic advisors.  Magnatone had been known for superior vibrato, tremolo, and reverb effects built into the amplifier.  With the advent of the enhancements made to the next generation Magnatone models, these amplifiers now rival the best British and American voiced amplifiers even with the effects disengaged.  Ted has truly brought Magnatone back to life and made this iconic brand better than ever.  


100% American Made to the Highest Standards

Magnatone amps are completely made in the U.S.A., not just assembled stateside.  Every component and material is sourced from American craftsmen and manufacturers.  Magnatone has placed an incredible focus on every detail of their amplifiers and aligned themselves with elite partners from sourcing handmade and embossed leather  and brass handles from Amish craftsmen to covers that are made from the same material found in Rolls Royce automobiles.  These heirloom caliber amplifiers are an instrument that players can be truly proud to own in every respect.  Magnatones are not cheap but no expense was spared and no aspect overlooked in creating this upper eschelon of guitar amplification.


What Do You Need in an Amp?

As is the case with all of our builders, we only carry instruments that we find truly inspiring.  Get in touch with us to discuss what Magnatone model is best suited to your playing style, needs, and tone seeking journey.  

Check out this great video with Ted Kornblum and Mark Agnesi.