Demo Guitars & Custom Orders

Small boutique builders can have wait times in excess of one year; this is just the nature of the beast when procuring the highest quality instruments from small shops like those we represent.  On top of that, once the guitars arrive in our shop they are oftentimes immediately sold.  This can make it extremely difficult for customers to play their boutique instrument of interest.  We've been there and know how frustrating it can be when unable to play a high-end guitar under consideration. 

One unique aspect of our approach to effectively representing small premier builders is carrying a solid cross section of inventory that is not available for sale.  This serves two primary purposes.  First, our customers always have access to examples from our luthier partners.  This enables them to experience the guitars firsthand and not just through online reviews and demos.  This is especially beneficial for those clients that are pursuing a custom build without any guesswork.   Second, this allows us to keep new regular inventory in pristine condition.  We strive to be the opposite of the big box guitar retailers.    

Serious inquiries only please.  All guitars are stored offsite.  We welcome appointments but each meeting entails pulling guitars from storage, inspection and performing any necessary set-up processes, travel to our downtown location and then returning the guitar(s) to our storage facility.  We understand that a buying decision cannot always be made beforehand but please respect our time and associated costs of appointments by having more than a curiosity level of interest.  

B&G Little Sister private build - P-90's


B&G Custom Wound P-90's

The most common question we receive from customers is our opinion of the Little Sister Private Build with P-90's versus the Humbuckers version.  This is a totally subjective thing and the unique design of the Little Sister instruments color P-90's and Humbuckers to some degree.  So, the typical P-90 and Humbuckers decision criteria may change.  Many customers are surprised when they choose P-90's over Humbuckers or vice versa.


Burl Maple Category 4 Top

This Little Sister Private Build provides the customer with an example of the highest upgraded tonewoods throughout.  This boasts a Category 4 Maple Burl top in Lemon Burst with Brazilian Rosewood fretboard.  Check this one out and decide if the aesthetic upgrades are worth it to you. 


Quilted Mahogany Back

To round out the theme of this demo guitar, we ordered it with the premium and astonishingly beautiful quilted Mahogany back.

b&G Little sister private build - humbuckers


B&G Custom Wound Humbuckers

Put this B&G Little Sister Private Build's Humbuckers directly up against the above P-90's and be confident that you won't regret the biggest component decision when buying a Little Sister. 


Black Widow Finish

It initially seemed crazy to us to cover up a figured Maple top with an opaque black finish.  However, once we received this one and realized how striking this finish is with its scaped binding around the body and f-holes, it made perfect sense and well worth the upgraded finish cost.  See this one in person and come to your own conclusion. 

b3 by Gene baker - sl deluxe


Our Take on the b3 SL

There are number of boutique designs out there that strive to emulate the best aspects of the classic "Burst" sound, feel, and look.  We feel Gene Baker nailed it with his version including a Mahogany back and neck, Maple top, Rosewood fingerboard set neck and dual humbuckers.  We are very excited about our variation on the SL formula.   This demo is the "DGE Spec" version with a Lollar mini-humbucker in the neck and Lollar "Greenie" humbucker in the bridge.  This unique pickup combination along with a roasted Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard, and all-Mahogany body puts a unique sonic spin on the SL.  We love the standard spec b3 SL for that classic LP sound.   The DGE spec version provides a more cutting tonality and very unique tone in the middle position.


Clean vs. Distressed Finishes

There is heated debate regarding the practice of "relic" instruments.  If you're a fan, Gene Baker is one of the best in the business and recreating the look, feel, and mojo of a well-worn vintage guitar.  This one has the clean finish which you can compare to other b3 distressed inventory.  We welcome the opportunity to advise you on the various levels of distressing offered to create a look that works for your personal taste.  

b3 phoenix I - dge spec


A Distinctive Look and Sound

The b3 Phoenix is a brilliant example of Gene Baker's ability to create unique versions of classic instruments.  The standard spec Phoenix is a hybrid of a Tele and Firebird with neck-through body design, Lollar mini-humbuckers in the neck and middle positions with T-style bridge with Lollar Classic T single coil pickup in the bridge.   


DGE Spec

This demo instrument has our own unique specs with each aspect carefully considered.  We ordered this b3 Phoenix I with an Ebony fretboard and chambered Korina neck and body which makes for an extremely lightweight guitar.  This one weighs in at 7 lbs. even and that's with a Bigsby!  The Standard C neck profile is extremely comfortable and fills the player's hand nicely.  We elected to replace the Lollar minis in the neck and bridge with Lollartrons.  We are thrilled with the look of the Light Distressed Antique Yellow finish not to mention the incredible tone and playability Gene's intstruments are known for.  

b3 xs ultramodern


Not familiar with this one?

This is a brand new design by Gene Baker that incorporates the utmost in modern advancements with the best in traditional and advanced luthiery techniques.  This is actually the prototype of the XS Ultramodern and the only one in existence as of January 2019.  We have others on order but decided to keep this one in the demo stock so our customers would not have to wait to experience this incredible instrument. 


ul·tra·mod·ern - /ˌəltrəˈmädərn - adjective - incorporating ideas, styles, or techniques only recently developed or available.

The name Ultramodern encompasses the true definition of the word.  This prototype uses the cutting edge in hardware and components.  The HSH pickup configuration uses Fishman Fluence pickups.  The humbuckers each have 3 voices and 2 in the middle single coil.  The 5 way blade switch provides a familiar and simple selection format.  However, the 3 mini-toggle switches engage the unique pickup voices giving the player the ability to summon 27 tonal combinations in a straightforward and intuitive format.      


Hardware Technology

This XS Ultramodern incorporates the CSL 2:22 Sophia Tremolo.  If you are not familiar with it, Guitar World Magazine did an excellent review outlining the improvements this tremolo offers over traditional designs.  Keeping with the Ultramodern theme, Graph Tech Ratio locking tuners were used to ensure tuning stability in a uniquely tuned gear ratios that makes tuning easier, quicker, and more intuitive.  

This prototype is a set neck with Black Korina (Limba) back and neck with figured Maple top in Translucent Black finish.  To top it all off, there is a glow-in-the-dark "Ohm" symbol inlay at the 12th fret on an Ebony fingerboard. 

echopark 59 Deluxe


Every bit as good as the vintage originals...

 This Echopark 59 Deluxe is a great addition to the Denver Guitar Exchange demo inventory.  We are thrilled with this instrument.  It really looks, feels, and sounds like the vintage guitars after which it was modeled.  The Old Growth Mahogany body and Korina neck are integral to its looks but more importantly, the perfect P-90 tone!


Wood matters.

 From the moment you open the case you get the feeling of an extremely high quality instrument with vintage mojo.  An Old Growth Amazonian fretboard and Medium 59 D neck profile make for a playing experience that feels like you've owned this instrument for a long, long time.  The Arcane P-90's are everything you would want from a P-90 pickup.  


An understated relic treatment.

 The aged finish really adds to the mojo; this one is tough to put down!  The legendary '58 Albert is up next so keep an eye on us!  Check out an Echopark guitar and we are confident you won't be disappointed.   

Knaggs severn xf


Knaggs Shred Machine!

The Knaggs Severn XF has a super flat, 14" radius fretboard built for speed.  Our demo model embraces this theme with a Floyd Rose tremolo and satin neck finish (body and top are gloss). 


Tier 1 Maple at Its Finest

The incredible figuring on the Tier 1 Maple top and Tier 1 Maple neck are stunning with 3 dimensional depth accentuated by the transparent Black Onyx finish.  


Tone and Aesthetics

With HSH configuration and simple 5 way blade switching (push/pull on the Tone Pot as well for tone shaping positions 2, 3, and 4), this is a Rock N' Roll machine!  We love the way the reverse headstock and Ebony board complete the package.