About Us

Not Your Typical Guitar Shop...

Denver Guitar Exchange is a small boutique guitar shop representing only four small yet internationally acclaimed guitar builders, B&G Guitars, b3 by Gene Baker, James Trussart Custom Guitars, and Echopark by Gabriel Currie.  These four were selected for one simple reason; they represent the pinnacle of modern guitar building with vintage quality and mojo.  Our narrow focus on these four premier brands allows us to be subject matter experts on the minutia of each builder's instruments, models, options, tonality, strengths, and of course guiding customers through custom orders that reflect their own style and personality.  We are also able to maintain close relationships with the luthiers which keeps us in the loop on their latest and greatest advancements.  

We are located in downtown Denver and receive guests by appointment only.  This serves two purposes.  First, it keeps our inventory in pristine condition; we keep an array of demos in-house that are not for sale so customers always have access to wonderful examples of our builders' instruments.  Not keeping regular hours also enables us to maintain low overhead, the savings of which can be passed along to our customers.  

Check out our current inventory of some of the most exceptional guitars available today.